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According to Sparkling the following are the Advertising and Marketing Megatrends for 2024. There are invaluable insights into the future landscape of marketing and advertising.

Global Context: The Recession Mindset

With economic slowdown and the rise of inflation, both brands and consumers face unprecedented challenges. A recessionary mindset prevails, urging a quest for the best value for money while prioritizing time and cost savings. This reality has catalyzed an increased reliance on digital solutions and, in turn, emphasized the necessity of making e-commerce accessible to all.

Megatrend 1: Digital Acceleration

The driving force behind this trend is crystal clear: the use of digital tools and platforms to address human problems. The market and consumers not only embrace but accelerate digital adoption.

Micro-Trends: At the Heart of Transformation

  • Avatar Workers: An innovative solution merging the virtual with the human. Markets in Asia and the United States are already hiring remote workers who employ 3D avatars to provide customer service in stores. These human-controlled avatars offer close interactions while lightening the labor load.
  • Accessible E-Commerce: The opportunity to simplify the online shopping experience for older individuals, especially those aged 65 and above.
  • Live Fundraising: Streaming platforms have found their niche among Generation Z and younger Millennials, facilitating live fundraising through broadcasts.
  • Omnichannel: Although Latin America lags, omnichannel (the integration of all brand touchpoints to offer a seamless experience) is a rising star in the retail world.

Peering into the Future

The key question for brands and advertisers is: What consumer problems can we solve through technology and innovation? Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and immersive technologies that draw us closer to the Metaverse will play a more significant role in this context.

In a world where digital acceleration becomes the norm, adaptability, innovation, and genuine consumer connection will be the keys to success in future advertising and marketing.

Global Context: From Inclusion to Personalization

The advertising landscape and consumer behavior are evolving faster than ever before. At the heart of these changes is the pursuit of self-expression, authenticity, and inclusivity. In a world that increasingly values diversity and representation, how can brands genuinely connect with consumers?

Today’s consumers seek authenticity. They desire products and messages that reflect their perspectives and attitudes. Young adults, in particular, wish to engage with brands that resonate with their beliefs and worldview. This shift presents an opportunity for brands to focus on contemporary topics and establish a personal connection with their audience.

Megatrend 2: The Inclusive Era: Reflect and Resonate

Deep Personalization: Advertising strategies must now aim to engage people on a more personal level, addressing their emotions and feelings rather than generic subjects.


  • Feed My Mood: Emotional well-being is now a priority. Consumers are increasingly conscious of what they consume and how it affects their health. They seek moments of relaxation and self-indulgence, presenting brands with an opportunity to offer products that cater to both needs.
  • Small Luxuries: Balancing indulgence and financial responsibility, consumers are looking for worthwhile, high-quality products at an appropriate price.
  • Impact of Generation Z and Millennials: These generations value authenticity and purpose, preferring brands that reflect their values and help them achieve personal goals. Brands aligning with these values have experienced significant growth.

Towards a More Personalized Future

The pivotal question for brands is: How can we create more personal and relevant experiences? The answer lies in listening, understanding, and acting according to the needs and desires of consumers. Through authenticity, inclusivity, and genuine emotional connections, brands can develop advertising campaigns that not only sell but also resonate.

Global Context: Crafting Your Playing Field

After the pandemic, brands need to decide where they will compete to figure out ‚Äúhow to win‚ÄĚ (i.e., being on the right channels with the right messages).

Megatrend 3: Reduction and Balance

Brand loyalty, once a cornerstone of consumer-business relationships, is showing signs of erosion. With a fluctuating economy and more financially cautious consumers, there is an increasing trend to compare prices and seek the best value.


  • Finding Balance: It‚Äôs not all about savings; consumers are willing to spend where they see value, seeking a balance between saving and justified spending.
  • Sharing with Authenticity: Especially Generation Z and younger Millennials are looking for spaces where they can be themselves. They gravitate towards platforms that encourage authenticity and allow for sharing more genuine and honest moments.

For brands, this represents an opportunity to connect with their audience in a more genuine way. It’s no longer about presenting a perfect image but about being real and resonating with consumers’ experiences and emotions.

Towards Simplified and Authentic Advertising

The question for brands in this post-pandemic world is clear: How do we simplify our messages and make our content more authentic? Brands need to focus on clear and genuine communications. Authenticity, more than ever, will be the key to connecting with an increasingly informed and demanding consumer base.


*This article is based from a report from Sparkling from ESE Group.


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