Talk about Ricardo Salinas Pliego is to make it one of the most influential businessmen in the Mexican economy, he is the founder and owner of firms such as TV Azteca, Banco Azteca and Grupo Elektra, to mention some of its brands.

It is also referring to one of the wealthiest people in the country, at the beginning of 2020 his fortune is estimated at $ 11.7 billion, in agreement with data of Forbes, which places him as the second richest person in Mexico, only behind Carlos Slim with 52,100 million dollars.

However, it is also considered one of the most controversial characters so far this year. Since the context of the coronavirus began in Mexico, Salinas Pliego has gained relevance in the media and social networks for his speeches and actions related to the pandemic, employment and the management of his companies.

Twitter, the chosen communication channel

Although some of his statements have been at events of some of his firms, the truth is that the founder and president of Grupo Salinas has made Twitter the communication channel through which he has extended his speeches, in a similar way as other business personalities such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Tim Cook, or from politics like Donald Trump.

The case that concerns this note is a tweet from Salinas Pliego to an ex-employee who had questioned him through the same channel for his dismissal.

“I am disappointed to know that you are an ungrateful person who has occupied you for 18 years. If I had known ... your departure was earlier "the businessman replied.

Their message had a direct impact and is an example of how entrepreneurs, managers and CEOs can become the main ambassadors or enemies of the brands they represent.

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A bad employer and employee branding?

This is because Salinas Pliego's response generated a quick reaction against him, given that various Twitter users they questioned him for being insensitive to the needs and problems of his staff.

The reactions is what makes it pertinent to question whether it was an action that affects the employer and employee branding of Grupo Salinas, since the businessman is the main figure of brands such as TV Azteca, Grupo Elektra and Banco Azteca; in the case directly involved, also of Azteca Foundation.

Remember that specialists define employer branding as "The reputation and image that a company-brand wants to create so that the talent out there wants to work there", Meanwhile he employer branding, define it as the use of "All the techniques and tools that are used inwardly so that people speak well of the company and are happy giving their best working there."

Given this context, the declaration of Salinas Pliego projects a negative message for the population, including those professionals, technicians and all people seeking a job that responds not only to their economic expectations, but also to join an organization that values them as a person and a productive element.

Although, it is not possible to know in depth the context of the employee's employment history, nor the reason why the employer responded in this way, it is clear that the message within all the companies that he directs and represents , it is not positive either.

In addition to this, the effect on the consumer, who could react against the brands, products and services of Grupo Salinas, must also be considered, especially considering the other controversies in which the group has been the protagonist. In this context, it is worth noting that, according to a analysis made by Expansion, Ricardo Salinas Pliego is, along with Carlos Slim, the businessman most affected during the COVID-19 era, since it is estimated that his fortune has decreased by almost 22 percent.

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