As shared Hootsuite, more than 90 million companies already have a page on Facebook, however, after the pandemic, many businesses are just beginning to consider a channel like this for presence and other objectives for their businesses. In the case of those who are new to the subject, it can undoubtedly be of great help to have some recommendations to follow, which is why we highlight these tips for beginners.

According to HubSpot, here are the best steps for beginners who want to promote their business on a social platform like Facebook:

  • Create a business page

As a starting point, every business should start by challenging a business page on the platform. This is a simple process in which you just have to click on the “Pages” option and then go to the option that says “Create a new page”.

There you will have to complete the fields that are requested, such as a profile image, a cover image, information about the business, among other things. Here you will also define the type of business you have, be it a company in the B2B segment, a local business or an online store.

Once the page has been created, it can be optimized.

  • Optimize the profile

Now that you have this Facebook profile ready to go, it is advisable to improve or polish it to achieve better results. This point implies filling in the different information fields, for example, the information section. Business data, such as the website or the hours in which it is operating, must also be added.

It will also be possible to add a call to action button for people, this can be to, for example, lose people who make a reservation, buy now or register.

Additionally, it is a good idea to write multiple posts that will appeal to your audience. You must think  on the type of posts they might like on social media.

  • Stay active in groups

With the page created and optimized, it is time to engage with the community in order to promote the business.

A good way to start promoting on Facebook is by participating in the groups that the platform has. People can join the different public or private groups that are most relevant to start interacting there.

The issue of relevance should not be lost sight of. It is ideal to reach the spaces in which the audience of the brand or business is. Once you are clear about what these places are, you can start joining those same communities and staying active.

  • Create your own group

In relation to the previous point, another smart way to take advantage of Facebook groups is by creating your own for the brand. With this you can continue participating with the community and attract more members.

According to the source, Facebook groups allow the audience to connect with each other and have valuable discussions. Companies that focus a group on their brand or industry can build a community around it, making the brand and products even more valuable to potential customers.

  • Promote events

Leaving aside the issue of groups, another task that can be useful when reaching this social network is to disseminate or promote events. This recommendation is particularly important for local businesses.

Attracting people to an event can feel like a complex task, but it doesn't have to be, consider using all the tools available to promote. For example, you can choose to post the event on Facebook while planning a campaign with ads.

  • Interact with followers

Returning to the issue of participation with the community, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of interacting. One of the best ways to drive engagement on social media is to make sure your posts show up to followers. For this, the interaction must be created.

So then, you have to answer questions, comments and participate with the online community from this social platform.

  • Use live broadcasts

Using tools like Facebook Live can be an excellent way to promote the business and provide valuable content to the audience. You can use this function of the social network to demonstrate the culture of the company, develop a panel discussion on industry topics, or even give a sample of the expertise you have in the industry.

Additionally, virtual events can be hosted through Facebook Live, this is a way of interacting with the audience when it cannot be present in person. It is also a good way to promote the business because when it is broadcast live, followers are notified and invited to participate.

  • Consider the ads

Approaching the end of these recommendations, one of the best ways to promote your business on the social network is to use your ad platform. This is one of the most popular ways that exist in the digital world to reach the audience thanks to the advanced targeting options available.

To get started with Facebook ads, you can go to their own courses to learn about this topic and start developing different types of campaigns to achieve different types of objectives.

  • Have a customer service representative

Finally, consider that social media can be a good way for your customers to get in touch with the business and share their concerns. With this in mind, consider adding a representative who can provide service to customers who arrive with different types of requests or even complaints.

For these people it will be important to pay attention to all the messages that are generated around the brand within the social network.

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