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When creativity, entertainment, and data unite under the banner of an inspirational brand, magic happens. And in the world of marketing, that magic often translates into exceptional performance. It’s a story of how Corona UK blended art, innovation, and a sprinkle of data-driven wizardry to capture the crown at the Digiday 2022 Marketing and Advertising Awards Europe for Best Use of Data.

The tale unfolds when Corona UK joined hands with VidMob to breathe life into its ‘Free Range Humans’ campaign. This was a journey that blended the brilliance of Intelligent Creative, promising groundbreaking results.

As someone who’s had the privilege of witnessing numerous creative and innovative brands unfold their narratives over the past 15 years, I’ve grown to appreciate the unique ones. Those who aren’t content with the status quo, who continually seek novel avenues to engage with their audience, and who understand that execution is key. This is the saga of how a brand’s unwavering pursuit of excellence led to astounding success.

In 2020, Corona’s creative studios embarked on a quest to create a collection of inspirational campaign content. This content was a testament to the brand’s ethos, an eight-part original series named ‘Free Range Humans.‘ The series was a compelling narrative that introduced us to eight individuals who dared to trade their mundane office routines for daring and adventurous outdoor lives. In doing so, it championed the spirit of exploration, a thirst for new experiences, and the audacity to break free from conventional routines.

However, once the ‘Free Range Humans‘ series was unleashed into the world, a new challenge loomed on the horizon. How could the brand ensure that people discovered and embraced this series in a meaningful and authentic way, especially within the realms of social media? The conventional method of pushing out identical campaign episode snippets across multiple channels was a path too well-trodden. Tweaking targeting parameters was a start, but it wasn’t going to cut it. What was required was a more comprehensive understanding of creative performance, a deeper dive into the intricacies.

And so, Corona took on the challenge with vigor. The answer lay in analyzing the content’s past performance with surgical precision. This was achieved by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Through VidMob’s Creative Analytics solution, Corona could dissect its content piece by piece. It could identify what worked, what didn’t, and perhaps most importantly, why. By understanding the alchemy of creative performance, Corona could find the formula that resonated with its audience.

The result? An illuminating analysis of the original ‘Free Range Humans‘ series, uncovering the notion that seemingly minor factors had a colossal impact. For instance, videos featuring group settings garnered higher engagement. But an interesting twist revealed that the addition of music didn’t necessarily work wonders; videos with voiceovers outperformed those with just a musical backdrop.

The revelation didn’t stop there. The pacing of the content played a pivotal role. Faster pacing yielded a 21% boost in performance on Facebook, while slower pacing led to a remarkable 141% increase in viewing rates on YouTube. This discovery prompted a strategic pivot in creative testing.

The approach changed. The ads no longer burst onto the scene with attention-grabbing tracks. Instead, Corona’s agency embraced overlaid audio with adventurers narrating their tales, often favoring female voices. Pace-sensitive scenes accelerated for Facebook, while YouTube witnessed a slower, more immersive experience.

And the outcome? The impact was nothing short of astonishing. The newly optimized ads, crafted with these newfound insights, ushered in a wave of success. Three-second view-through rates (VTRs) on Facebook surged by a staggering 21%, while the gains on YouTube were nothing less than phenomenal, soaring to a 141% increase in viewership.

These results were not merely a testament to the potential of Intelligent Creative; they were a testament to a brand unafraid to stretch boundaries. They showcased the magic that could be spun from technology and data when wielded by a brand with a thirst for innovation and a commitment to telling its stories in captivating ways. It was a victory scripted not just with words but with data, creativity, and the courage to challenge the norm.


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