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Meta has officially launched its latest artificial intelligence assistant, positioning it as a more powerful model than Google’s Gemini. However, the announcement has led to an unexpected surge in Google searches for terms such as “how to turn off meta ai instagram,” “how to turn off meta ai on Facebook,” and “how to remove meta ai from Instagram”. This trend highlights some user resistance and concerns about the new integration.

Powerful New Features Spark User Backlash

The integration of Meta AI into the search bars of Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG) was intended to enhance user interaction by providing real-time assistance and content curation. Yet, it appears that this new feature has not been universally welcomed.

Many users are finding the AI integration to be more cumbersome than helpful, reminiscent of the cluttered feel that Snapchat users reported with My AI. Users have expressed a preference for the previous layout of the search functions, which they found to be more straightforward and user-friendly.

Additionally, there are concerns about the performance of Meta AI, particularly issues related to “hallucinations” where the AI generates incorrect or irrelevant information. These glitches have only added to the frustration for users who feel the new assistant disrupts their social media experience rather than enhancing it.

Growing Demand for an Opt-Out Feature

The significant uptick in searches on how to disable Meta AI reflects a broader sentiment among users who wish to return to a simpler, AI-free experience. As of now, Meta has not provided an option to disable the AI features on Instagram and Facebook, although there is speculation that Instagram may consider such an option in the future if user feedback supports it.

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How Users Can Influence Change

Meta has not yet responded to these concerns with a definitive solution, but it is crucial for users who prefer the old interface to voice their preferences. Users can provide feedback directly through the platforms:

How to Provide Feedback on Instagram

Users looking to express their concerns about Meta AI on Instagram can navigate to their profile, then to Settings and Privacy > More Info and Support > Help > Report a Problem. Here, users can detail their experiences and request the ability to disable the AI features.

How to Provide Feedback on Facebook

On Facebook, users can report their issues by tapping the three-line icon at the bottom right of the interface, scrolling down to “Help & Support,” and selecting “Report a Problem” to provide detailed feedback.



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