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The famous American skin care brand Olay, produces products with a purpose to create a “diverse and inclusive standard of beauty”. Working to eliminate social expectations and bias, Olay skin care products promise women their “best beautiful”. To launch its new and upcoming position statement to a bigger audience, Olay recently performed something new, street marketing action, which resulted in the gathering of over 100 women.


What is Street Marketing?

Within the exceptional world of marketing there exists a non-traditional yet exciting side: Street Marketing. Street marketing is a marketing technique that brings products and services directly to customers in a public place. This strategy intends to attract attention and create noise while promoting the product.

Street Marketing is also referred to as Guerilla Marketing. Guerilla marketing uses public spaces in creative and unexpected ways which ultimately attracts big audiences.


Olay Executes Street Marketing Successfully To Spread Their New Message

Olay’s newest positioning challenges the concept of “aging well” by championing the importance that every women feels good in their skin at any age. Launching the new positioning was carried out by creative consultancy Delirio & Twain. With the help of Delirio & Twain, Olay successfully united over 100 women ages 18 to 82 in the central plaza of Callao in Madrid, Spain. Located in a central spot of a popular and active city, the location demonstrates that Olay successfully approached street marketing with the correct strategies.

The women that Olay collected acted as protagonists, singing and dancing, while dressed in red. The choreography they performed was created to spread the message that everyone can dance without worrying about any prejudice. To further establish Olay’s message, Olay hired DJ Miry Muraro. DJ Muraro defied the stereotypes against age by entering the sector of DJ music at the age 55. Besides Muraro, Olay brought in many other inspiring faces: Willy Van Rooy, an 82-year-old international fashion icon and Paula Merino, a professional guitarist at just 19 years old who preaches that anyone can do anything at any age. 

Olay used powerful tactics when executing Street Marketing. Strategically choosing both the location and invitees contributed to the popularity and significance of the event. It can be sure that Olay launched their new position successfully with the help of the creative and nontraditional marketing technique, Street Marketing.


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