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Every year, Snapchat brings together the world’s finest Augmented Reality (AR) developers for Lens Fest, a festival dedicated to sharing the most astonishing creations in the field. In its sixth edition, the platform has introduced groundbreaking technological advancements and tools that enhance the new version of its advanced desktop application, Lens Studio 5.0 Beta. This version boasts new capabilities for integrating AI into AR experiences via ChatGPT.

The brand new function of Snapchat with AI

Snapchat’s latest announcement reveals a partnership with Open AI, introducing a new remote ChatGPT API. This development empowers lens developers to harness ChatGPT, unlocking fresh types of conversational, creative, and educational AR experiences for the Snapchat community.

Moreover, this software integrates a new 3D facial mask generator. It enables anyone, with just a few seconds of creative input, to potentially craft a viral self-expression lens by combining generative artificial intelligence and Snapchat’s cutting-edge facial mesh tools.

AI and immersive Augmented Reality experiences are two rapidly growing technological trends this year.

Globally, a community of approximately 330,000 developers has created almost 3.5 million interactive Augmented Reality experiences through Snapchat’s platform. On the user side, the app’s community has interacted with these experiences over three billion times in the past year alone.

Lens Studio stands as a free desktop application, designed to empower artists, digital creators, development teams, or anyone with a creative spark to craft Augmented Reality experiences with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for programming knowledge.

Snapchat’s software enables the addition of 3D graphics, full-body tracking, geolocation, textures, shadows, motion, and lighting effects. Furthermore, these Lenses can be shared with Snapchat’s user base of over 406 million daily active users worldwide.

During Lens Fest 2023, Snapchat unveiled a new version of Lens Studio aimed at bolstering the development of more advanced Augmented Reality experiences.

This new iteration offers enhanced productivity, with projects loading 18 times faster, facilitating the creation of more intricate experiences. Additionally, it now supports version control tools like Git, enabling multiple developers to collaborate on projects simultaneously and promoting seamless teamwork.


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