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  • In 2022, WhatsApp Business was estimated to have an average revenue per user (ARPU) of approximately 0.26 U.S. dollars worldwide.

  • As of 2023, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger app worldwide with approximately two billion monthly active users, outranking WeChat at 1.3 billion users, and Facebook Messenger at 930 million global users.

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed an innovative feature that will allow users to create groups without the need to assign them a name. This groundbreaking update promises to bring a new dimension to how we interact and organize our conversations on this popular instant messaging platform.

With this latest update, WhatsApp is redefining the group experience by eliminating the need to assign them a name. This proves to be particularly useful in situations where speed is essential or when the theme of the group isn’t clear from the outset. Nameless groups can be instantly created and will be limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

The function is designed to streamline group creation and simplify the experience for users. By removing the need to assign a name to each group, users can create a shared conversation space more quickly and without complications.

An interesting aspect of this update is that nameless groups will automatically display with the names of the participants who comprise them. This makes interaction more personalized and easy to identify. This automatic display not only enhances the browsing experience but also adds a touch of authenticity to each group.

WhatsApp aims to prioritize privacy in the design of this feature. Nameless groups will be presented differently for each participant, based on how they have saved contacts’ names on their devices. If you’re added to a group with people who aren’t in your contact list, your phone number will be displayed instead of your name in the group, ensuring an additional level of privacy. This update allows for greater flexibility and adaptability in how we interact with our contacts, whether for personal or professional purposes.

Anticipation is rising, as this update will be globally available in the coming weeks. As WhatsApp rolls out this feature worldwide, users will have the opportunity to experience a new era of chat groups, where simplicity and privacy take center stage.

The introduction of nameless groups on WhatsApp not only adds a layer of agility and practicality to group creation but also reinforces the platform’s focus on privacy and personalization.


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